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 Chris Stewart and Nicole Stewart of InspireOne Executive Coaching Services

Chris Stewart

A licensed professional counselor and former instructor at South Texas College teaching concurrently psychology and leadership and management classes at South Texas College's Institute for Advanced Manufacturing. Chris has more than 20 years experience writing customized professional development curriculum and facilitating dynamic, highly interactive and engaging collective learning experiences in business leadership and talent development seminars, workshops and retreats.


Nicole Stewart

Nicole is a talented and experienced business manager with years of experience providing administrative and logistical support coordinating on and off-site business development events, seminars, workshops and retreats specific to organizational development goals.

Some Background On Chris

Fueled by his desire to introduce people to their greatest potential, Chris holds an MS in counseling psychology, an MA in religious education, a BS in physical education.

He is certified in The Attentional & Interpersonal Style (TAIS) Inventory and integrates a variety psychometric assessments for building on personal and interpersonal strengths, integrating research and practical applications of positive psychology, well-being and systems and cognitive behavioral theories.

Chris has more than 20 years of leadership and talent development training experience in non-profit, private sector and higher education industries. Chris is a frequent motivational speaker at organizational events, conventions and higher education workshops on leadership, human potential and peak performance in competitive environments.

 Chris Stewart, Coaching from an early age (Standing far left)

Chris Stewart, Coaching from an early age (Standing far left)