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We help managers prepare teams for change.

Your team is full of talent and energy, but market forces are demanding that your business adapt. Let's turn a stressful situation into an opportunity to grow.


Our Passion & Skill

is in preparing teams for change, and we’re here as your partner and guide in the process. Organizations flourish when each team member is living to his or her full potential.
We can help.


 Graphic about the cost of disengaged employees. 

In Business, Problems are opportunities

What would happen if your entire team was doing their best work every day? If they felt deeply committed to the organization's success because they knew that the organization was committed to theirs?

In times when change is more the rule than the exception, the ability of organizations to be receptive and open to change is an essential skill of doing business. The future is uncertain, and people are not motivated to change unless there are compelling reasons to do so.

Poorly managed company change is very costly

Navigating change smoothly is essential for both a company’s bottom line and the job satisfaction of team members.


We exist to help companies transform

Your solution is simple: “Win the hearts and minds of employees.”

It just takes one person, to spark positive change within a team. We keep our setting intimate for maximum impact. Key influencers of large teams can experience our sessions and bring the transformative potential to their teammates. The inspiration for positive change spreads,  and soon the organization transforms. It all started with one person “getting it.”

Our approach looks like fun and games, but is actually a powerful tool of internal and external transformation. The result is a team of enthusiastic people who are agents of positive change within the corporate culture. Teams leave with vision and the confidence to see it through.


Nuts & Bolts of What we do

1. Assess


We start by simply getting a clear picture of where your team is right now. We  have a variety of tests and surveys which we administer based on your needs. We are experts at translating results into actions and goals.


2. Experience

icebreak, interact, workshops, climb a mountain, eat a sandwich

As human beings, we have a powerful variety of learning styles. A classroom setting won’t work for everyone. We think outside the box, sometimes in a sunny resort room or on a mountaintop. It all depends on who your team is, and where they need to go.


3. Consensus

Weave in a theme, a vision, build agreement

We are here to accomplish consensus. Everyone should leave with a better sense of themselves, their role in the organization, and a glimpse of their full potential. We work to reach an agreement, in which everyone co-creates a vision for the organization and commits to supporting it in their own unique ways.


The bank managers that trained with [Chris] thoroughly enjoyed the experience and continue to use many of his techniques and practices.
— Letty Salinas, Inter National Bank
His personalized executive coaching program literally saved the career of one of the managers who was failing to meet client expectations.
— Robert C. Bonds, Urorad Healthcare
Each training facilitated by Chris Stewart is a masterpiece of motivation.
— Leigh Ann Godinez, South Texas College
We’ve transformed from a company with no organizational culture or concept of team to one that has a unique, diverse culture that is built on integrity, respect and team work
— Patricia Beard, Costep
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There's Potential in every organization

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